Drake ironclad q&a confirms "mini carrier"

In a recent Q&A session, CIG shared valuable details about the Drake Ironclad and Ironclad Assault ships, highlighting features such as the retractable roof for easier cargo handling and the potential use of the Ironclad as a mini carrier. The video covered aspects like cargo capacity, repair facilities, interchangeability of the Command Module, and other functionalities, offering insights that could impact players’ choices in acquiring or using these vessels in Star Citizen.

In a recent Q&A session, CIG provided valuable information about the Drake Ironclad and Ironclad Assault ships. One of the key revelations was that the roof of the Ironclad Assault retracts similarly to the base variant, which is beneficial for cargo handlers and those looking to use the ship as a mini carrier. This feature allows for easier loading and unloading of cargo crates, making the Ironclad Assault a versatile armored cargo hauler. However, it was noted that the assault variant lacks tractor beams, requiring the use of another ship’s tractor beams or a handheld tractor beam for cargo manipulation.

The Q&A also confirmed that the Ironclad can be used as a mini carrier, with the cargo grid allowing ships and vehicles to lock onto it securely. The cargo hold dimensions were specified as 40x21x7.5m, with the ability to fit multiple vehicles and snubs, as well as up to four ballistas. Surprisingly, it was revealed that a full-size light fighter like the Gladius could fit inside the Ironclad, expanding its utility for various missions such as troop deployment, securing landing zones, or exploration in hazardous conditions.

Regarding repairs, CIG clarified that the repair facilities on the Ironclad will be limited by component volume and resources, potentially allowing for maintenance of small ship components like those found on the Furies. Another significant detail was the interchangeability of the Command Module between the Ironclad and the Caterpillar, providing a cargo capacity boost for the assault variant. The addition of an onboard armory and the absence of an air shield for the cargo hold’s roof were also confirmed.

In addition to these substantial details, the Q&A addressed minor queries such as the self-destruct mechanism, power distribution, and insurance for the ships. It was reiterated that the Command Module has a Quantum Drive and the internal turret is indeed a turret, not a tractor beam. Overall, the Q&A provided valuable insights into the capabilities and functionalities of the Drake Ironclad and Ironclad Assault ships, potentially influencing players’ decisions on acquiring or changing their preferences for these vessels.