Drake Corsair Review | Star Citizen 3.19 4K Gameplay

"In this video, I review the Star Citizen “exploration” ship, the Drake Corsair, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the Drake Corsair in 4K at 60FPS (or as close as I could get). The gameplay for "

The Drake Corsair is a unique, versatile ship in the world of Star Citizen that offers a great range of options to players. On the surface, the ship looks impressive, with two manned turrets at the front, four size five mounts on the nose, a remote co-pilot turret, and wings that can be deployed. In terms of armament, the Corsair is also kitted out with gimbals size 4 laser cannons, four missile racks, and dual size 2 weapons. The cockpit is located right at the front, making navigation easy; the top speed of 950 meters per second is also average for ships of this size.

Turning to the fighting and cargo capabilities, the Corsair has a single size 3 Shield which does a good job of protecting the ship. It is well suited to a variety of combat missions, with sufficient Armament to hold its own against tougher AI targets, although a PVP encounter against nimble Targets may be more of challenge. Cargo storage is not the most generous, at 72SCU, but adequate for trading and some piracy activities.

Operating costs for the Corsair are in the thousands of credits, as is expected for ships of this size. Quantum Drive is the Torrent as standard, although exchanging this for an XL1 may be a good idea for quicker travel around Stanton. For earning the money to cover running costs, the Corsair is well suited to delivery contracts, rock mining, and salvage missions; the combat performance also means combat contracts against AI targets are a feasible and lucrative option. All in all, the Corsair offers great versatility at a reasonable price and is an excellent option for pilots looking to take on a variety of tasks.