Don't Sleep On Pirate Week

“The Limited Time Pirate Week skins are worth checking out!”

This video is a showcase of the Meridian paints available during Pirate Week in Star Citizen. The host explains that the Meridian paint for the Origin 400i was particularly appealing due to its brushed steel finish. They mention that many of the paints in Star Citizen are gaudy and off-colored, so they always look out for limited availability steel paints. They note that the Meridian paint for the 400i was only available during its initial release and is no longer obtainable.

During Pirate Week, the host reveals that new sets of Meridian paints have been released for various ships, including last year’s steel paints. These paints are only available for a limited time, so the host encourages viewers to check out the video and consider purchasing the paints while they are still available. The host goes on to showcase the Meridian paints on different ships, stating that they are striking and give the ships a unique look.

The host demonstrates the Meridian paints by displaying them on different ships, such as the A2 Hercules, Avengers Titan, and Mercury Star Runner. They mention that the brushed steel finish of the Meridian paints makes the ships stand out more compared to other generic colors. The host particularly admires the Meridian paint on the Mercury Star Runner, as it resembles the Millennium Falcon.

The video also features last year’s Solar Winds paints, which combine steel with red highlights and glass. The host points out that some of the paints have red lighting, and praises the brushed steel texture of the Meridian paints, as it makes them feel more authentic. They mention that the Cutlass steel, which comes standard on the ship, prevents the release of a Meridian paint for the Cutlass Black.

Lastly, the host shares their favorite paint from the Pirate Week collection, the Inferno paint. They appreciate its sharp angles and rivet details, which enhance the ship’s design. They suggest that with the recent rebalancing, the Inferno ship may become more popular, making this paint a worthwhile purchase. The video concludes with the host expressing their satisfaction with the Meridian paints and thanking their patrons for supporting their ability to buy these shiny paints for their virtual spaceships.