Don't Make the Mistake of Overlooking this Respawn Point in Star Citizen - Pro Tip #5

Many Star Citizen players prefer to spend their time around Crusader and its moons due to the exciting gameplay opportunities they offer. However, these places can be dangerous at times. To quickly get back into the action without having to take a tram or fly through a thick atmosphere, players often set their respawn points at GrimHEX, the local pirate base. This allows them to respawn and continue playing without delay.

However, not everyone enjoys the atmosphere of GrimHEX or its rowdy residents. For those players who prefer a different environment, Levski is a great alternative respawn point. It features a clinic, an armor shop, and a gun shop. Located only a few jumps away from Crusader, it provides a convenient option for respawn and is an ideal location for law-abiding citizens.

Considering the preferences of different players, setting respawn points at Levski instead of GrimHEX allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in Star Citizen while still being close to the action.