Doing the 3.19 Tutorial Missions Better and Why Even Experienced Players Might Want To

"The 3.19 new player tutorial is fairly good and quite profitable. But with a few hints the new player can learn more and finish the tutorial better ready to take their next steps in the 'verse.

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Why would an Experien"

Ray’s guide is a player tutorial designed to make the learning curve a little less deep for new players. It advertises goals that can help players hit the ground running when they first enter the ‘verse’. An experienced player may also benefit from playing the tutorial because they receive a free set of light armour minus a helmet and fifteen thousand credits.

One advantage of completing the tutorial is the ability to equip a character to be prepared for further adventures in the ‘verse’. Players should equip an appropriate helmet and a multi-tool with a tractor beam attached. A backpack of compatible size should also be purchased to increase the carrying capacity of the character. Food and drink should also be purchased to ensure the character is ready for their next journey.

Finally, players should purchase a rifle and equip it with a scope, suppressor, and ammunition. When at Cubby Blast, experienced players can also purchase additional items from the Corp Tower, such as weapons or medical supplies. When done with the tutorial, players have the option of changing their respawn location to the station or remaining at their Respawn Point. There are also giveaways and secret words scattered throughout the tutorial. By using these hints and tips, players can be better prepared to explore the ‘verse’.