Does 3.20 & The Hull C Make Cargo Hauling Great Again? (Ft. Jack Axton)

“With 3.20 in testing on the PTU, players continue to dig into any possible changes we didn’t already know about. With the Hull C and a new addition to the cargo refactor included, I sat down with cargo hauling Youtuber @JackAxton to get a”

In this episode of the Launch Sequence podcast, host and guest, Jack Axton, discuss the current state of cargo hauling in Star Citizen, focusing specifically on the 3.20 update and the introduction of the Hull C ship. They highlight the challenges and frustrations of cargo hauling gameplay, such as the lack of meaningful changes to the economy and the cumbersome process of loading and unloading cargo. They also discuss the potential for improvements in reputation systems and the need for dynamic events and gameplay to make cargo hauling more engaging.

Despite the limitations and shortcomings of cargo hauling gameplay, both the host and the guest agree that it is still worth pursuing as a profession. They highlight the enjoyment of landing and taking off, the need for strategic planning, and the thrill of encountering unexpected pirate encounters. They express their hope for future iterations and improvements to make cargo hauling more dynamic, challenging, and rewarding.

They also touch upon the upcoming additions to the cargo gameplay, such as freight elevators and tractor beams, and the potential for changes in personnel transport and passenger missions. They express their desire to see more focus on the cargo decks in orbital stations and the integration of loading and unloading processes into gameplay. Lastly, they discuss their hopes for updates on Squadron 42 and the redirection of resources towards finishing the game.

In conclusion, while there are still many areas for improvement, both the host and the guest remain hopeful for the future of cargo hauling gameplay and are excited to see how it evolves in upcoming updates and gameplay additions.