Do This NOW! Make MILLIONS with Salvage and Jumptown!

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The speaker reveals a method they have been using to make a lot of money in a video game by taking risky salvage missions. By spending 30k in-game currency, they gain access to contracts that consistently have over a hundred thousand worth of cargo, which they don’t even need to salvage. They also mention making millions by moving crates at a location called Jumptown. A viewer suggests that they could sell the cargo legally if they have the mission and technically, the handheld crates they are moving count as cargo units. The speaker decides to test this out.

In their test, the speaker loads their cargo onto a ship called the Holly and heads to Port Tressler in Microtech. They note that the majority of what they have isn’t actually the cargo they are supposed to sell, but their paranoia prevents them from selling those crates first. They access a terminal at the admin office and confirm that the mission does indeed offer a payout of 160k per cargo unit. They inform a friend, ethereally, about their findings, although it seems the mission doesn’t show up for them. The speaker offers to meet their friend and take their maze cargo onto their ship and then move their friend’s cargo back to Port Tressler for the bonus payout.

In the end, the speaker encourages viewers to take advantage of the limited-time opportunity to make money using this method, reminding them to enjoy and support the video if they found it helpful. They also mention migrating their livestreams from Twitch to YouTube and invite viewers to subscribe to their channel.