Discoveries of the iae trailer | star citizen

"Algared and Execute show you what they found while watching the IAE Sneek peak trailer…

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In this video, the hosts discuss a trailer released by the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) for Star Citizen. They provide a breakdown of the trailer and analyze various details and speculations. They start by discussing the schedule shown in the trailer, noting that it is organized alphabetically except for the front and center position of GAC, indicating an alien manufacturer sponsoring the expo. They also mention graffiti in MicroTech, expressing excitement about the possibility of a new alien manufacturer and a ship from GAC.

The hosts then move on to analyze the ships featured in the trailer. They mention the presence of two Nomad ships, which they find unusual and potentially insignificant. They theorize that it may simply be showcasing cargo mechanics in the game. They also discuss the Fury ships, C1, and A1, highlighting their features. They discuss the Tumbrel Storm, speculating whether it has a lightning gun or some other special weapon, such as distortion damage. They express hope for the inclusion of artillery or mortars in the game.

The hosts then focus on an alien ship showcased in the trailer, discussing its design and potential characteristics. They compare it to leaked images from years ago and point out similarities, suggesting that it may be a medium-sized ship with multiple decks. They also consider the possibility of it having an interior similar to the Zion capital ship from Squadron 42. They discuss the ship’s potential price and predict it could range from the price of a Freelancer to that of a Mercury Star Runner or higher, considering the demand for an alien ship with impressive animations.

In conclusion, the hosts invite viewers to share their thoughts on their analysis and whether they agree or have different interpretations. They express their excitement for the upcoming updates and thank their supporters on Patreon before signing off.