Dear Origin… | Star Citizen IAE 2953 4K

“[Satire] Mahli, really? This is supposed to be Origin, not Consolidated Outland. Oh how the mighty have fallen…”

In this video titled “Dear Origin… | Star Citizen IAE 2953 4K,” the narrator addresses Origin Jumpworks, expressing disappointment in their recent marketing campaign. They believe that the company’s use of influencers on their Mobiglass social platform undermines the premium nature of the brand. The speaker feels that these new influencers lack the proper understanding of how to behave in Empire space and suggests that the company should focus on refinement and improvement rather than flashy marketing tactics.

The narrator directly addresses the CEO, Jennifer Friskers, and suggests that it may be time for new leadership who values the pedigree of the company. They emphasize the importance of remembering that they are caretakers of a legacy and express hopes that the advice will be taken seriously.

Switching gears, the narrator shifts to discussing the new range of Origin ships, specifically the Origin 400. They playfully criticize the ship, suggesting that it might be better named the “Origin 400” due to its perceived lackluster qualities. However, the tone shifts when the narrator mentions the Origin Super Yacht and the 890 Jump, acknowledging the appeal and beauty of these ships.

In conclusion, the narrator expresses mixed feelings towards Origin Jumpworks. They criticize the company’s recent marketing campaign while acknowledging the attractiveness of certain ships in the new range. Despite their disappointment, they still hold out hope that the company will take their advice seriously and uphold the legacy of Origin Jumpworks.