Dead man talking - Star Citizen Piracy Gameplay - 3.18

"In the last days of 3.18 one of our EU Raider Teams came across hauler loitering around an outpost with a load of Laranite, turns out that was a mistake that they were hoping they could talk out with us…

Black-bones twitch tv channel - h"

This conversation takes place between two people in a video game scenario. The first person is asking the other to record a character crying, and the other person is giving instructions on how best to do this so as to create a sound and visual effect.

The second person has several requests, including asking the first person to provide a clear and calm environment for recording, and to be aware of the server and the various ships and objects surrounding the character. Specific instructions are also given to the first person to ensure the character’s body is removed from the scene and to keep it distant from the camera’s view.

The conversation concludes with the first person agreeing to post the recording online for others to enjoy. The second person suggests recruiting others to make the Star Citizen game more enjoyable, and both characters agree to complete the task before they leave. This conversation provides players with insight into how they can create a cinematic experience while playing the game.