Control Surface Flight FINALISED - Galactapedia IN GAME, Boats & Combat AI | Squadron 42 Update

The Squadron 42 monthly report provides updates on the progress of various development teams. The AI content team focused on creating realistic behaviors for NPCs, including dynamic conversations and realistic movement sets. The AI features team worked on reactions to restrained AI, which will be important for Squadron 42 as well as future bounty hunting gameplay. They also improved gunfight AI and animations for combat encounters.

The animation team worked on refining animation sets for different combat styles employed by various factions in the game. The AI Tech team finalized the dynamic pathfinding regeneration system, allowing AI to think on the fly and find appropriate paths in changing environments. They also worked on AI entering and exiting ships’ airlocks, even in situations where the ship or space station is moving or rotating.

The gameplay features team added new applications to the Mobiglas, including the Galactapedia, which will provide information about everything in the universe as the player progresses through the campaign. They also implemented a skill page to detail the player’s abilities and progress. The vehicle features team finalized combat AI and worked on control surfaces and the new aerodynamic flight model. They also made progress on ship loadout customization and multi-function displays. Finally, the narrative team focused on player wildlines and addressing various text needs, while the visual effects team worked on fire propagation and lightning effects.