Confirmed! Squadron42 Feature Complete - Now in Polishing Phase

Squadron42, a highly anticipated game overseen by Brian Chambers, has officially entered the polishing phase after reaching feature completeness. This announcement, made during an interview with Ugo War, signifies a significant milestone in the game’s development and indicates that it is progressing towards its final stages before release.

Brian Chambers, who is overseeing the development of Squadron42, recently confirmed on Ugo War’s Twitch channel that the game is now in the polishing phase. This announcement has been a subject of speculation for some time, and it’s finally been made official. Ugo War is a French content creator who covers CitizenCon and had a team member present at the event to ask the game developers questions. During the conversation, Brian Chambers revealed that Squadron42 is feature complete and that they are now focusing on fine-tuning the game.

This news is significant because it indicates that the development of Squadron42 has reached a crucial milestone. Being feature complete means that all the core elements of the game, such as gameplay mechanics and storylines, have been implemented. The polishing phase will involve refining these features, improving overall game performance, and addressing any remaining bugs or issues.

The confirmation of Squadron42’s feature completeness and entry into the polishing phase suggests that the game is progressing towards its final stages before release. With more updates expected during the ongoing event, including panels and appearances by Chris Roberts, the head of Cloud Imperium Games, fans can look forward to learning more about the game’s development process and its anticipated release date.

As more information is shared about Squadron42 in the coming days, it’s essential to stay updated by subscribing to Ugo War’s channel and keeping an eye out for further announcements. Given the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated game, the confirmation of its feature completeness is undoubtedly a positive step forward.