Comparing the Two Trading Sites in Star Citizen 3.19

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Danny Raymond is the voice behind Rey’s Guide. In this video, he explains two online sites for traders in the game Star Citizen. Southern New Hampshire University sponsors this video to advertise their online Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design and media arts. Danny explains how until further resources are added to the game, players must rely on crowdsourced sites such as SC Trade Tools and Danny looks at the features of each site and compares them in terms of design. Unfortunately, both sites suffer from a contrast issue in terms of text readability. He also explains how both sites have advantages and drawbacks in terms of features and layout.

Danny then explains how Southern New Hampshire University’s online degree program in graphic design and media arts can help players improve their web development skills. SNHU is a not-for-profit, regionally accredited school that has been in operation for over 90 years. Their online programs are designed to provide career-focused professionals with affordable options. Danny also informs viewers of two giveaways, where the winners get to choose from a range of ships. To be entered into the giveaway, viewers must be either a member or subscriber and comment, including the secret word.

Overall, Danny Raymond presents an informative video that not only highlights the features of two crowdsourced sites but also promotes the online Bachelor of Arts degree program at Southern New Hampshire University. By watching Danny’s video, players can gain an understanding of the features of different sites to help them in their gameplay and also how an online degree can help them improve their web development skills.