🚨 Commodity Price Alert! 🚨 CPA for Star Citizen Cargo Haulers!

"Keep your Finger on the Pulse with Commodity Price Alerts!

The In game Alerts aren’t the Greatest, so I’ll put these out to let you know what’s in Demand!

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Citizens of Star Citizen, Bit of Oz brings you another commodity price alert in partnership with the Stanton Department of Commerce. Due to recent raids on research labs by the Justice faction, manufacturers are in need of replenishing their supplies of astatine, a radioactive gas. This highly sought-after commodity can be purchased from various locations such as HDMS Woodruff on ITA and ArcCorp mining area 61 on Walla. It is available for a little over 700,000 aUEC per standard cargo unit.

For traders looking to sell their astatine, all major trade hubs like TDDS and Hurston CBD are willing to buy it at a rate of 900 aUEC per standard cargo unit. However, if you wish to avoid the long queues at the Customs Gates Port, you can also sell your cargo at a similar rate at Port Olisar, located in Crusader’s orbit.

In conclusion, astatine prices have surged due to recent raids, providing an opportunity for cargo haulers to profit. Purchase the radioactive gas from HDMS Woodruff or area 61 on Walla for a little over 700,000 aUEC per unit, and sell it at major trade hubs like TDDS or Hurston CBD for 900 aUEC per unit. Alternatively, you can sell your cargo at Port Olisar to avoid long waiting times. Happy hauling and fair winds to all traders!