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In the video “Comm Array Busting Fun 3.23 - Bugs, Ships, & Options” from Star Citizen Science & Fun, the host Mr. Smith explores different strategies to tackle the challenging Cay mission. He demonstrates using specific missions, various ships, and a hoverbike approach to infiltrate the Cay, facing bugs and challenges along the way while providing insights and tips for players.

In the video “Comm Array Busting Fun 3.23 - Bugs, Ships, & Options” from Star Citizen Science & Fun, the host Mr. Smith 12 31 12 3 1 explores different ways to take down the Cay, a challenging mission in the game. The first method he demonstrates is accepting a specific mission called “Halt Illegal Surveillance” from the mercenary contracts. By completing this mission, players can gain access to the Cay they want to target, making it easier to approach without being attacked by turrets and missiles. However, there is a bug that sometimes prevents players from hacking the Cay, requiring them to finish the mission and try again.

Another approach Mr. Smith tries is using different ships to infiltrate the Cay. He attempts to use a 100i, a Saber, and a Gladius, but encounters difficulties with each ship due to being targeted and attacked by the Cay’s defenses. The video showcases the challenges of trying to maneuver larger ships like the Saber and the Gladius into the Cay, as they are more susceptible to being hit by the turrets and missiles.

The video also explores a hoverbike approach using the Cutlass Red with a P-52 Merlin. This method involves loading a hoverbike onto the mother ship and then using it to reach the Cay. While this approach may take longer, it is considered a safer option as the hoverbike can avoid getting targeted by the Cay’s defenses. However, there are still issues with hacking the Cay due to bugs, which Mr. Smith encounters during the demonstration.

In a final attempt, Mr. Smith tries a brute force approach using the Redeemer ship to destroy the Cay’s turrets. However, the size 5 missiles from the Cay prove to be too powerful, leading to the destruction of his ship and a challenging escape scenario. Ultimately, the video concludes that the best approaches to take down the Cay are either using a small, nimble ship to navigate between the Cay’s cylinders or employing the hoverbike method for added safety.

Despite encountering bugs and challenges throughout the various methods, Mr. Smith provides insights and tips for players attempting the Cay mission in Star Citizen. The video highlights the importance of strategy, ship choice, and careful navigation to successfully complete the mission. Viewers are encouraged to share their own workarounds for the bugs encountered in the video and to experiment with different approaches to overcome the Cay’s defenses effectively.