Claim this FREE Ship and Armor Early Game in Starfield! #starfield

"There’s a lot going on in Starfield when you start out and it’s easy to miss some rather useful early game items, namely the Mantis Armor and Razorleaf Ship!

Follow this simple guide for your FREE ARMOR and SHIP now!"

In this video guide, the narrator provides tips on how to obtain an impressive gear set, a free ship, and build a reputation in the early game of Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, Starfield. The guide begins by emphasizing the abundance of hidden items and information in the game world, which can often be overlooked. One such valuable item is the “Legacy of the Mantis” slate, which players can acquire through violent encounters with the game’s enemies, the Vanduul. Once obtained, the slate triggers a side mission called “Mantis” and instructs players to read it.

The next step in the mission involves journeying to Denebola 1B, where players must fight their way through enemies in and around a secret outpost. The outpost contains recordings that reveal the story of Leon Vaclain, who, like the player, was directed to find this location. Players will also find Leon’s encounters with his deceased mother’s notes, providing cryptic clues and a Latin phrase: “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

The following challenge awaits players in a kill room guarded by automated turrets and littered with the bodies of those who failed to solve its puzzle. The letters on the floor spell out “Taranis,” allowing players to safely navigate the room. Beyond the kill room, players discover the hidden lair of the Mantis, reminiscent of Batman’s Batcave. Here, they can acquire the armor of the Mantis, consisting of a suit, helmet, and boost pack, providing substantial protection, particularly for early-game players.

Additionally, players come across the Razor Leaf, a well-known ship in the pirating community, parked above the lair. By reading Doreen’s memos on a computer, players learn about the Mantis and her inheritance of the legacy. Finally, players can claim the Razor Leaf as their own ship, which can be customized according to their preferences. As they travel in the Razor Leaf, players may encounter hostile ships that recognize the ship’s legacy and attempt to flee, providing exciting opportunities for battle.

In conclusion, following this guide provides a fantastic kickstart to a player’s adventures in Starfield, offering them the Mantis armor set and the Razor Leaf ship. Wearing the iconic armor set and piloting the renowned ship adds to the player’s reputation. However, NPCs in the game will not recognize the player’s connection to the Mantis, allowing for anonymity while still enjoying the benefits of the gear and ship.