Citizencon Analysis, Destination Adventure

“In my first of a series of videos about Citizencon Presentations I look at the Distribution Centers, Raids, and the Hangar/Freight Elevator Systems.”

In this video analysis, Daniel Raymond discusses the presentation at Citizencon called “Destination Adventure.” The session begins with a focus on the new distribution centers in the game, which are above ground structures designed to accommodate physicalized cargo. Raymond suggests that these centers should be larger than outposts but smaller than landing zones or space stations, and proposes calling them “Branch distribution centers” for a more scaled-down version. He also notes that the design of these centers, with their massive concrete structures, aligns with the architectural style of brutalism, which adds to their dystopian atmosphere.

The analysis then moves on to discussing the raids in the distribution facilities. Raymond points out that the raid zone is separate from the areas where players would be delivering packages or completing missions, which is a good feature to prevent players from getting caught in the middle of conflicts unwillingly. He also comments on the use of cargo trolleys and suggests that they could be vehicles to carry the load more efficiently. Raymond mentions the use of wall-mounted cargo racks and tractor beams to create jump puzzles, but hopes that this system won’t be required for regular cargo loading and unloading.

The discussion then shifts to the freight elevator and the possibility of spawning vehicles inside ships. Raymond states that spawning a ship and calling up a vehicle from the freight elevator seems to be the solution, as seen in the presentation. However, he notes that certain items and components may still need to be accessed through the ship loadout manager due to size or location constraints. Finally, Todd Papy’s talk about player-built bases is briefly mentioned, with Raymond implying that he will cover this topic in a future video analysis.

In conclusion, this video analysis provides an overview of the “Destination Adventure” presentation at Citizencon, focusing on the new distribution centers, raids, cargo handling, and the potential for spawning vehicles inside ships. The analysis offers various insights and suggestions regarding the gameplay mechanics and design choices presented in the session.