CitizenCon 2953: Navigating The Universe

“As seen at CitizenCon 2953. Travel with us to the forefront of navigation with a look at the evolution of UI features that help players view, engage, and interact with their surroundings, offering exciting new perspectives on the Star Citiz”

In this presentation at CitizenCon 2953, the focus is on navigating the Star Citizen universe. The UI team discusses their work in improving the user interface, particularly in relation to the visor display. Over the years, the visor has evolved and become cluttered with information. The team has reworked the visor to prioritize important information and make it easier for players to understand their status and environment. They have also upgraded the weapons display, added new status widgets, and redesigned the mobiGlas to enhance the player’s experience.

The team then introduces a new feature called the interior map, which allows players to navigate and understand their surroundings better. It includes a fully live 3D representation of the environment, complete with markers and the ability to customize and save locations of interest. The map is also connected to the game’s AI pathfinding system, which helps the player find the best route to their objective.

Next, the focus shifts to the star map, which has been completely revamped. It now offers a holographic, 3D representation of the universe, allowing players to zoom, pan, and explore various celestial bodies. The map includes markers with labels that adjust based on the player’s proximity, and a dropdown list for easy navigation. The team emphasizes that the upgrades to the star map will make it much easier for players to navigate the vastness of the Star Citizen universe.

Overall, the presentation showcases the various improvements made to the user interface and navigation systems in Star Citizen. These enhancements aim to provide players with a better understanding of their surroundings, easier access to important information, and improved navigation tools to explore the vast universe. The team expresses their excitement about bringing these features to the players and enhancing their overall experience.

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