Circumnavigating Microtech - First Checkpoint Cleared - 3 - Star Citizen 3.16 exploration gameplay

In this video, a group of players embark on a challenging journey to circumnavigate the planet MicroTech in Star Citizen. They face tricky terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and bike difficulties as they travel through snowy regions, open flat terrains, dense forests, and more, while preparing for repairs and overcoming obstacles along the way.

In this video, a group of players known as naptime, riot, raincloud, and the narrator embark on a challenging journey to circumnavigate the planet MicroTech in Star Citizen. They start their adventure in the snowy region of New Babbage and make their way to Calhoun Pass emergency shelter, covering 926 kilometers in three days. As they enter the temperate green zone near the equator, they encounter tricky terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. The narrator experiences some difficulties with their bike, including getting stuck and losing components, but manages to continue on.

On day four, the team reaches Calhoun Pass and prepares to head west towards Shubin Mining Facility for repairs. They face open and flat terrain dotted with obstacles, requiring careful navigation. Once they re-enter the greenery, their progress becomes easier, but their journey is not without its challenges. They have to deal with limited visibility, impact damage, and changing weather conditions. Despite these obstacles, they manage to reach Shubin Mining Facility, repairing their bikes and preparing for the next phase of their journey.

Stage two of their expedition begins, as they embark on a 1,000 kilometer west-northwest leg to another mining facility for repairs. They traverse rolling hills and dense forests, relying on a pilot to lead the way and find the best routes. They encounter a bridge covered in ice, but quickly break through the cold and return to the temperate environment. As the day draws to a close, they have covered 200 kilometers from Calhoun and remain in high spirits, ready to face more challenges and make further progress.

The narrator expresses gratitude to the viewers and their patrons for their support. They emphasize the importance of the journey, which has evolved from a mere idea to a realistic possibility of circumnavigating MicroTech entirely. They promise to continue documenting their expedition and share more updates in the future.