CIG's Way to Reward PTU Testers is WRONG

Star Citizen 3.18 had a difficult launch which could have been avoided with more regular testing in the PTU phase. Cloud Imperial Games have attempted to incentivise players to test by offering rewards to the ‘top three testers’ based on criteria such as reclaiming, racing, cargo hauling, drug dealing and reporting issues in the issue council. Whilst this is a laudable attempt to reward players, it is not the best way to do so as it only incentivises the most committed players who have lots of time to play. A better system could be one which rewards players for their time spent in the PTU. For example, earning Alpha UEC for each hour played or earning free ships if they come first on certain criteria. This will make the rewards more inclusive and accessible than the current system. Cloud Imperial Games should strive to create a system which rewards all players for taking part in the PTU, regardless of time commitment, in order to make Star Citizen more accessible.