Checking In On The Hull C: Star Citizen 3.20 Open PTU

"I check back in on the Hull C in the Star Citizen 3.20 Open PTU to see if any of it’s earlier problems have been since resolved.

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In this video, the content creator tries to revisit the Hull C ship in Star Citizen version 3.20, having encountered numerous issues during their initial testing. They correct a mistake from their previous video, discovering that it is indeed possible to dock and store the Hull C with its spindles extended at space stations and in Orison’s atmosphere. They proceed to purchase and load cargo onto the ship, experiencing success in the buying and selling gameplay loop.

However, they encounter some frustrating issues with the ship’s functionality. The docking system no longer screams loudly at them, which is an improvement, but there are still some audio glitches and delays throughout the ship’s operations. They attempt to extend the spindles using the radial menu but find that the option is not available. Additionally, they encounter problems when trying to undock the ship from the station, but eventually succeed after some troubleshooting.

The content creator decides to test the salvage operations of the Hull C by attempting to gather cargo and sell it at the TDD in Orison. However, they discover that they cannot buy or sell cargo in Orison’s atmosphere, indicating that the ship’s cargo capabilities for salvage missions are still incomplete. Frustrated by the numerous issues and the amount of time spent troubleshooting, they decide to wait for future updates and a more stable release of the Hull C.

In conclusion, the content creator determines that further testing and videos on the Hull C are necessary once the ship is fully released. They express their hope that these ongoing issues will be resolved and that the ship’s functionality will improve. They thank their patrons for supporting their efforts and express gratitude for the opportunity to explore and share their experiences in the Star Citizen universe.