CCU Chaining Guide Invictus 2023 | Star Citizen

“Lokenplays & Astropub join Execute as he tries to explain the process of CCU chaining to them, wish him luck!”

Execute has produced a guide for cost-efficient ship purchasing through the use of CCU (Cross-Chassis Upgrading). This guide suggests users to buy special green-marked items to gain a discounting of up to 15 dollars and eventually reach the target ship - the Hercules A2, which can be bought at a discounted price of 190 dollars instead of 520 dollars.

To simplify this process, Execute provided users with an example guide of buying the Arrow Gladius (which will help them reach the A2) where listeners will see how one could buy War Bonds for only five dollars to gain a value of 90 dollars - instead of spending the original price of 75 dollars. Furthermore, listeners will learn that they can use the credit or cash system to purchase ships.

Moreover, Execute provided users with another example of getting a Mercury for only 190 dollars. This was done by adding a chain of CCUs to reach the target ship. In conclusion, Execute proposed ways of weaving and stacking together special Warbond items to get the best deals on target ships with the potential of reaching the A2 at a discounted price of 190 dollars, which is unheard of.