Cargo Commodity Changes! Star Citizen 3.19

This update provides cargo haulers with all the latest news, changes, and tips in the game. In the recent patch 3.19, the 30K cargo protection has returned and is working to help those doing cargo hauling in the black. The event Invictus is also coming to a close, offering helium madness for those watching the update. Barrel is a great money-maker with 500 Alpha UEC profit per SCU when bought from Ryder and Woodruff on ITA and sold at Orson’s TDD. Diamonds have seen some price adjustments with a profit margin that has been reduced from 900 Alpha UEC to 500 UEC per SCU. However, the amount of locations that sell the product has expanded with more places in Hurston and Walla. Gases, foodstuffs, and medical supplies still have not seen any changes in their prices.

Finally, the developers of Star Citizen have released a sneak peek image that shows larger container sizes that may come in the 3.20 update. This would be great for those cargo haulers looking to make more money in the game. The video of this update has encouraged viewers to like the video and subscribe for more content. As always, players should stay safe when flying throughout the verse.

In conclusion, there are many updates for cargo haulers in Star Citizen that can help them make money within the game. From getting a double investment in Invictus to 500 Alpha UEC profit in Barrel, players can have large gains in a short amount of time. The developers have also released a sneak peek into larger container sizes that would be very beneficial for cargo haulers. They have asked players to like the video and subscribe for more content. Finally, players should stay safe in the verse when doing cargo hauling.