Can you finish STARFIELD only using FISTS?!

This video explores the challenge of completing the game Starfield using only fists as weapons. The content creator faces difficulties, utilizes performance-enhancing drugs, upgrades their character’s abilities, and ultimately triumphs, while expressing frustrations with the game’s mechanics and storytelling.

In this video, the content creator experiments with completing the game Starfield using only fist weapons. They create a character called the “Fisting Queen” with the traits of being a genetic alien, an introverted bouncer, and somewhat useful. The rules of the challenge are established: no guns or explosives, fist everything until it falls over, ships are exempt, no funny business, and no exploiting glitches.

The player begins the game by fist fighting aliens, but encounters difficulties and hits a “brick wall” in progress. They acquire drugs to boost their performance, such as opium and crack, to help them continue the challenge. They level up their character and invest in skills such as stealth and melee damage, although fists are considered separate from melee weapons. However, progress is slow and they eventually run out of drugs, causing frustration.

In an attempt to find an alternative strategy, the content creator decides to inject hormones into their character and further upgrade their abilities. This allows them to deal more damage with their fists. They continue to fight through enemies and attempt to use stealth to their advantage, but encounter setbacks such as inability to teleport indoors and tedious menu navigation. They also express frustration with the game’s storytelling and laziness on the part of the developers.

Eventually, the Fisting Queen arrives at NASA, recovers an artifact, and sides with a character named Hunter. They engage in a final confrontation with an enemy named Barrett, using all the resources they have left to defeat him. Despite the challenges, the Fisting Queen emerges victorious.

Overall, the content creator reflects on the difficulty and impracticality of completing the game using only fists, expressing contempt towards the game designers and mentioning another content creator who attempted a similar challenge.