Can we get Vehicles into Area 18 using Tractor Beams? - Star Citizen 3.21.1 PTU Gameplay

This video explores the possibility of using tractor beams to bring vehicles into restricted areas in Star Citizen’s Area 18. The content creators face challenges, encountering disappearing vehicles beyond certain points, but manage to successfully drive a vehicle along a beam, concluding that tractor beams can be used to place vehicles in specific areas.

In this video, the content creators test the possibility of using tractor beams to bring vehicles into Area 18 within the Star Citizen game. They had previously successfully driven ground vehicles into restricted areas and wanted to see if the same could be done at Area 18. However, they encountered challenges as the restricted areas had undergone changes, teleporting players back to a safe area rather than just steering their ships away.

The first test they conducted involved dropping vehicles into Area 18 from a height using tractor beams. They successfully loaded four Cyclones onto a ship and dropped one of them into the city. Unfortunately, the vehicle disappeared when it got too close to the plaza below. They confirmed that the vehicles would just vanish if they went beyond a certain point.

They then attempted to land a ship on top of a tall building in Area 18 so they could drive a vehicle along a beam extending over the city. While they initially struggled to navigate the stairs, they found that using tractor beams made the process easier. They managed to drive one vehicle along the beam, but it ended up upside down, and they couldn’t flip it back. Despite this, they considered their experiment a success and were confident in using tractor beams to place vehicles in specific areas.

They also tried dropping vehicles into the Spaceport and the BIC Convention Center with mixed results. Some vehicles vanished upon dropping, while others got stuck on invisible geometry. They couldn’t find a way to get the vehicles into the actual city itself. They reflected on the fact that the restricted areas serve a purpose in protecting the environment of the game, but they had fun exploring the possibilities and remained hopeful that others would find alternative ways to break into restricted areas. The video ends with gratitude to their patrons for their ongoing support.