Bunker Down and Earn 500k per Hour

"Bunker Missions. They’re a Staple in the Star Citizen’s Money making regiment and for Good Reason. Once you’ve unlocked the Rank 5 defend Missions, Money comes Easy. But it’s a grind getting there!

Join Me as I go over what’s involved, and"

Bunker missions in Star Citizen are a popular and reliable way to make money. These missions involve defending underground facilities from pirate intruders, while avoiding killing friendly security factions. The missions can be found under the mercenary tab in the missions section of the Mobi glass and are linked to the reputation of four security factions within Stanton. The missions offer a payout of between 15,000 and 90,000 UEC, depending on the tier and reputation level.

To start a bunker mission, players need to navigate to the missions tab of their Mobi glass and accept the mission to defend a facility against intruders. They then travel to the location, either by ship or on foot, and eliminate the required number of enemies. It’s important for all members of a crew to have the mission shared with them to avoid being attacked by automated turrets. Completing these missions will increase reputation and unlock higher-tier missions with higher payouts.

While bunker missions can be a grind, they offer a steady source of income and the opportunity to acquire free gear. Higher rank levels unlock more lucrative missions and rewards. Building relationships with the security factions can also provide additional benefits, such as access to restricted areas without hostility. Overall, bunker missions are a popular and profitable method for players in Star Citizen to earn money.