Build Your Starfield Character Now | Do Planetary Boundaries Matter

“Build Your Starfield Character Now | Do Planetary Boundaries Matter”

Starfield, one of the most highly anticipated game releases in history, is about to drop after five years of waiting. To help players get an early start, Nukes and Dragons is a character build and planning website that allows players to distribute points and build a character for reference when the game goes live. The website also offers builders for other games like Fallout 4 and 76, Cyberpunk, Skyrim, and The Outer Worlds.

However, there have been leaks and reports about planetary boundaries in Starfield, causing confusion among players. Some players encountered invisible walls and received messages stating that they had reached the boundary and needed to open the map or return to their ship. This seemed to contradict a tweet from a senior VP at Bethesda, who had previously stated that players could explore the entire planet.

There are a couple of theories about these boundaries. One possibility is that they exist only in the tutorial phase of the game. Another theory is that the planets in Starfield are made up of individual tiles that are randomly generated, and the boundaries mark the edge of these tiles. This would mean that players can explore more by re-landing their ship and generating a new tile.

In an interview earlier this year, Todd Howard, the director of Starfield, explained how the planets in the game are generated using large tiles of landscape that are wrapped around the planet and blended together. Whether the boundaries are temporary or persist throughout the game, it is unclear.

Despite the boundary controversy, Starfield is still expected to offer a unique gaming experience, combining a space simulation with an RPG. While limitations may exist, the game is ready to ship and will likely provide an exciting new experience for players.