Breaking into prison to deal with the criminal problem

"Me and Pete broke into prison to clean up the criminal scum then left.


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In this video, the speaker and their friend Pete decide to take matters into their own hands regarding the overpopulation problem in the Stanton system’s prison. They attempt to break into the prison using a Pisces as a platform but encounter some difficulties, such as falling through the vent and experiencing low FPS and graphical issues. Eventually, they manage to climb up into the vent using boxes they placed in a Cutlass ship. Once inside the prison, they start dealing with the criminal population and eliminate a significant number of prisoners, but their main challenge becomes escaping from the prison.

Using a bench as a means to traverse the broken ladders and to avoid getting shot by the police, they successfully make their way out. As they continue their mission, they find Pete and retrieve a hacking tool for a mission they need to complete. They encounter some strange animations and lighting glitches, but the bench proves to be useful for this part of the operation. Eventually, they surrender themselves and the video concludes with reflections on the quirks and bugs they encountered during their journey to break in and out of prison.

Overall, the video showcases the attempt to break into a prison to address the issue of overcrowding with criminals in the Stanton system. Despite the challenges faced, such as technical glitches and bugs, the duo manages to complete their mission and free a significant number of prisoners before successfully escaping from prison.