BIG changes coming in 3.22.1 - Replication Layer Test & LOTs Of EVENTS | Star Citizen

In the latest episode of Star Citizen Sunday, the team continues testing the replication layer split in Alpha 3.22.1, addressing issues and gathering network data. The branding team is working on unifying the vision and consistency of manufacturers, improving landing zones and ship brands, while new features for Alpha 3.23 are planned, and ongoing events and streams are happening.

In the latest episode of Star Citizen Sunday, Alpha 3.22.1 continues its testing on the replication layer split, with a new test currently ongoing. The team has made updates to the services to address issues seen in previous tests. Server crash recovery is enabled, and they are gathering network data to see how the character databases behave. The replication layer card on the roadmap has been moved to the 3.23 branch for further testing.

The branding team at Montreal has been working on establishing a unified vision and consistency for all the manufacturers in the game. They are involved in various areas of the game and aim to build an environment that sells realism and immersion. They have been working on the landing zones, making them more navigable with signage and markers. The team is also focused on unifying ship brands and ensuring their marketing and styles align.

The first roadmap update of the year revealed new planned features for Alpha 3.23. The Luna New Year celebration has begun, allowing players to search for red letters filled with Alpha UEC. The Kore event, similar to Valentine’s Day, also started, offering contests and items. A hangout with long-term members of Cloud Imperium was also streamed on Star Citizen Live.

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