Best XP & Money FARM in Starfield

In the video game Starfield, players have found a solution to the scarce XP and money problem by creating a farm that produces adaptive frames. By automating the farming process on a suitable planet and selling the surplus frames, players can quickly level up and accumulate wealth, albeit through a somewhat grindy method.

In Starfield, the game is notoriously stingy with XP and money, making it difficult to level up and acquire enough credits. However, there is a way to solve both these problems at once. By creating a farm that produces adaptive frames, players can quickly gain XP and earn money. To get started, players will need to acquire materials such as iron and aluminum from a resource dealer. They should also find a planet that has these resources in abundance.

The author recommends Lenus 4-B as a suitable planet for the farm. It is also suggested to set up macros to automate the farming process, making it more efficient. Once players have found a suitable spot on the chosen planet, they can build extractors for both iron and aluminum. Additional structures like solar arrays and storage containers should be erected to accommodate the growing production. The author advises linking the extractors of the same type to a single storage container, and linking all the storage containers in sequence.

The routine for farming is simple. Players sleep to get the well-rested bonus and wait for materials to generate. They then head to the industrial workbench and start clicking or use a macro to create the adaptive frames. This process generates a significant amount of XP over time, allowing players to level up quickly. The surplus adaptive frames can be sold in nearby cities, earning substantial amounts of money. To refresh the stock, players can wait for 24 hours in a city with a seat and sell again.

While this farming method may not be the most enjoyable way to play the game, it is a solution for those who want to quickly level up and accumulate wealth. It is important to note that this method was discovered after finishing the main story, as the game is known to be grindy in terms of resources, money, and XP. Despite being a gaming “cheat,” the author appreciates that this method is still derived from in-game mechanics. Ultimately, it renders money and XP irrelevant, requiring players to find alternative ways to invest these resources.