Best Features of Star Citizen 3.19

“I’ll take you through the best features, or rather just the features of the latest patch for Star Citizen. 3.19.”

The article discusses the features and improvements of Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.19 patch. The patch includes updates to the game’s tutorial mission, performance improvements, and an addition to the gameplay loop with new Salvage contracts and the ability to strip exposed weapons and modules using a handheld tractor beam. The patch also includes a complete rework of mining balance and a new mineral called Genolite, which players can find for themselves. Additionally, the article highlights the new player experience tutorial mission, which aims to enhance the overall gameplay experience for new players.

The article also discusses the changes made to Lorville on Hurston, which has been improved to match the quality of other Star Citizen cities. The city now features peripheral industrial sectors, tall buildings, and clearer scaled elements, such as roads and lights. The new design captures the tone and feel of the Hurston dystopian planet and is lit by gold and blue lighting at night. Although the improvements are just facades for now, CIG plans to implement accompanying activities to improve the city in the future.

Lastly, the article highlights the new Salvage contract missions, which offer players the option to do lawful or unlawful versions of the contract claims. Players have a small or high chance of being intercepted by NPCs or even players who are also looking to salvage the ship. The profits come from stripping out exposed weapons and modules using a handheld tractor beam. Players can make huge profits just by stripping out the gear that they find. The introduction of a UI element informs players of the item’s name, size, and health, but it does not yet influence its value.

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