Beginners Guide To Ship Building in StarField

This beginner’s guide to ship building in StarField covers the process of capturing a base ship, customizing modules, and selecting optimal placements for components. The ship builder tool allows for easy modification and upgrading of ships, with a focus on balancing power consumption and weapon selection for optimal functionality.

In this beginner’s guide to ship building in StarField, the video covers everything you need to know about modifying or completely rebuilding ships. To start building a new ship, you need to board and capture a base ship. Shipyards in various locations offer different modules for customization. To find specific modules, you can refer to the inara database. The video then demonstrates how to modify a captured ship by upgrading various components such as reactors, drives, shields, and weapons.

The ship builder tool allows for easy disassembly of modules and addition of new ones. By attaching a cockpit and other compartments, you can create the layout and structure of your ship. Each module has specific functions, such as armory, captain’s quarters, computer room, infirmary, living quarters, science lab, and workshop. Additionally, the placement of docking bays, shields, fuel tanks, engines, and landing gear must be considered to ensure optimal functionality.

The video highlights the importance of balancing power consumption and damage output when selecting weapons. Different weapon groups can be assigned to certain hard points on the ship. The player can accept or further customize the ship’s design before finalizing it. The tutorial also explains how to rename a ship through the ship builder tool.

In conclusion, this video provides a comprehensive guide to ship building in StarField. It covers the process of capturing a base ship, module customization, and the placement of various components. With the ship builder tool, players can easily modify and upgrade their ships. Balanced weapon selection and power management are crucial aspects to consider. Whether making minor modifications or building a ship from scratch, this guide equips players with the knowledge to create their own unique vessels in the game.