Be prepared! get ready for iae | star citizen

“Algared and Execute advise you on how to be prepared going into this years IAE.”

This video is a prep episode for the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) in Star Citizen. The hosts discuss the new skins that will be available during the event, noting that they have a metallic sheen and a pearlescent finish. These skins can be obtained by owning the corresponding ship or buying a Cross-Chassis Upgrade (CCU) to that ship. They advise viewers to get the CCU from a ship closest to the desired ship to lock in the current price and protect themselves from future price increases.

The hosts also discuss upcoming ship price increases in Star Citizen. They mention that the Hull D has already seen a $100 increase and may go up by another $50 upon release. They express concern about the Orion, as the price increase will affect those who have been considering buying it. They note some strange choices in ship pricing, such as the Redeemer being priced the same as the Caterpillar and the Aquila being priced $5 higher than the Mole. They also hint at the possibility of a new version of the F7C Hornet, possibly tied to a Luminari event in December.

The video then moves on to explaining CCUs and how to use them. They recommend buying the smallest CCU possible to the desired ship and getting an LTI (Lifetime Insurance) token for protection against future price increases. They mention that LTI is especially valuable for larger ships. They explain that the next step is to buy war bond CCUs, which usually come with a discount when they are first released. These can be used to fill in the gaps between the smallest CCU and the desired ship. Finally, they advise using credit or cash to connect all the CCUs and complete the ship purchase.

In conclusion, the hosts encourage viewers to prepare their wallets for the upcoming IAE and remind them to protect themselves from price increases by using the CCU method. They also ask for feedback from viewers, including thoughts on ship prices and whether the information provided has been helpful. They provide a link to their Discord server for further assistance and thank new patrons for their support.