Base Building Is MINDBLOWING - Ship Building, Building in Space, Industry & Blueprint | Star Citizen

In a recent video, Ryan discussed the exciting new features and options for base building in Star Citizen, including various building types, different locations with advantages and disadvantages, and the ability to cater to both solo players and organizations. The developers plan to offer immersive gameplay opportunities for players, allowing them to create their own unique locations, engage in resource gathering, crafting, trading, and security, with the added possibility of ship building.

In a recent video, Ryan, also known as Mac, discussed the latest information revealed at CitizenCon about base building in Star Citizen. Base building is considered to be the future of the game, and the developers have showcased various building types and options. The planning phase consists of determining the purpose of the base, such as being a home, a trading post, or a self-sufficient location. Crafting in the game will be done through blueprints, which can be obtained through various means, including missions, reputation rewards, looting, and rare shopkeepers.

Different locations offer different advantages and disadvantages. High-security locations, which require purchasing land from governing bodies, offer protection but have already been depleted of resources. Low-security locations, owned by independent factions or gangs, offer partial security but potential rewards in terms of resources. Lawless locations like Pyro have no land claim costs but offer high potential rewards with no official protection. Defenses for bases include AA turrets, anti-personnel turrets, and shield generators.

Base building will cater to both solo players and organizations. Building options range from small single-person surveying tools to larger platforms that can construct small, medium, and large structures. The RSI Galaxy ship will allow for the construction of all sizes of buildings and will serve as a mobile base. The developers are also exploring the possibility of space-based base building. Claiming land involves using a tool and a drone to define the area, and players can switch between land claim mode and base building mode.

Fabrication plays a crucial role in base building, as all items need to be crafted from blueprints and resources. The quality and stats of the items will depend on the materials used. Furniture can either be crafted or bought from various shops around the game world. Base building offers a vast range of building types, including utility buildings, extractors, power generators, producer types, and defenses. The major news in the presentation was the announcement that base building will enter full production in the first quarter of next year.

Overall, base building in Star Citizen will offer extensive gameplay possibilities for players, allowing them to create their own unique locations and engage in activities such as resource gathering, crafting, trading, and security. The system is expected to be immersive and dynamic, with day-night transitions, weather effects, and potential interactions with NPCs and other players. The developers plan to provide endless gameplay opportunities, with players involved in scouting, exploring, repairing, and protecting settlements. The introduction of ship building as a possibility has also created intrigue, although specific details are still scarce.