Back from vacation!

The speaker has returned from their vacation after being disconnected from Star Citizen for nearly three weeks. They express excitement about the release of version 3.20, the Akati update, and anticipate getting back into the game’s news and updates while jokingly hoping for a meme ship related to cargo in this year’s Ship Showdown event.

The speaker begins by enthusiastically announcing their return from vacation after being away for nearly three weeks. They admit to being completely disconnected from anything related to Star Citizen, including game updates and patches. They mention that version 3.20 of the game, called “Akita,” has been released, which seems to have generated some excitement. Despite not being up to date, they affirm the importance of taking breaks from playing a game that they have been dedicated to for ten years.

The speaker also notes that their tan from vacation is already fading, but they are happy to be back in the “big chair” and looking forward to getting back into their normal routine. They mention the return of the Ship Showdown event, expressing hope that this year’s event won’t feature a meme ship, like the Carrick getting its 10th skin. They amusingly wonder what the meme ship will be this time, preferably something related to cargo.

In conclusion, the speaker is excited about returning, eager to dive back into the latest news and updates. They extend a warm welcome to new subscribers and promise to bring exciting news soon.