Avast! It’s Pirate Week 2023

"Hoist a flagon of ale skyward in revelous homage to the Banu gods of pillage and plunder, for it be that time of year once again. That’s right, ya scurvy wretches, Pirate Week has once again made port and brought with it more piratical fun "

In the video transcription, it is mentioned that it is Pirate Week 2023, indicating a theme or event centered around pirates. The mention of “Avast!” is a common phrase used in pirate culture as a way of getting attention or expressing surprise.

The line “let me tell you something we’re reaching everyone” suggests that the event or theme of Pirate Week is intended to be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of people. It implies that the organizers are excited to share the experience with everyone and make it enjoyable for all.

The mention of “behold the devil knows” is unclear in terms of its significance to Pirate Week, but it could be part of a chant or quote associated with pirates. The reference to “above your eyes” and “across your nose” could be related to some kind of pirate adornment or symbol, such as an eye patch or a tattoo.

The repeated mention of “time to go” suggests a sense of urgency or excitement, as if the event or activities of Pirate Week are about to begin or are already underway. The accompanying applause and music create an energetic atmosphere, further enhancing the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the event.

The phrase “trying to change” is somewhat ambiguous without further context, but it could potentially refer to the transformative or immersive nature of Pirate Week. This could suggest that participants are encouraged to embrace the pirate theme and immerse themselves fully in the experience, perhaps through costume, role-play, or other interactive elements.

Overall, the video transcription captures a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding Pirate Week 2023, with an emphasis on inclusivity, excitement, and the transformative nature of the event.