At What Height Can You Jump Safely - Essential Dropship Gameplay Info | SC Science & Fun 4k

The video conducted an experiment to determine the safe jumping height for troops from a drop ship without dying upon impact. Findings revealed that on a moon, troops can safely jump from heights between 80 to 100 meters, while on a planet with higher gravity, safe jumping heights are below 50 meters to avoid instant death or incapacitation.

In the video, the presenter conducts an experiment to determine at what height a person can safely jump out of a drop ship without dying upon impact. The test is conducted using a red drop ship as a visual reference, with the spawn point set on the ship. A flat ground is chosen for the experiment, and a package from a box mission is used as a marker to measure the height from which the jumps are made.

The presenter starts the experiment by dropping from 500 meters, but it results in instant death upon impact. Subsequent jumps from 400 meters and 300 meters also lead to instant death, prompting the presenter to lower the height to 200 meters. Even at 200 meters, the jump results in instant death, indicating that the safe jumping height is below this threshold. Further experiments at 150 meters and 100 meters show that at 100 meters, the presenter survives the jump with a tier three leg injury and 16% health, making it the highest safe jumping height observed so far.

To test the impact of heavy armor on survivability, the presenter attempts a jump from 125 meters while wearing heavy armor. Despite the added protection, the jump still results in incapacitation, indicating that armor does not significantly affect survivability at higher jumping heights. The presenter then repeats the jump from 100 meters, which results in survival with a tier three leg injury and 15% health, showing consistency in the outcomes at this height. The conclusion drawn is that jumping from heights between 80 to 100 meters is relatively safe for troops being dropped on a moon, while heights above 100 meters pose a higher risk.

Shifting the experiment to a planet with higher gravity, the presenter tests jumps on Hon. Jumps from 125 meters on the planet result in instant death, indicating that gravity does impact the safe jumping height. Subsequent jumps from 100 meters and 80 meters show that on a planet like Hon, troops can safely jump from heights below 50 meters, with jumps above 50 meters potentially leading to incapacitation. The presenter’s findings suggest that on a planet, jumping heights above 60 meters could result in instant death, emphasizing the importance of considering gravity when determining safe jumping heights for troop deployment.