Asset Management - [Gold Standard 2013-2023]

"In shock news, this is a very daft way to build a game :wink:

For a deeper dive into some of the features causing asset reworks, have a look here:

In this video on Star Citizen’s Asset Management, the team discusses the concept of a “gold standard” in ship development. They explain that the gold standard is about creating ships that are as complete and functional as possible within the current feature set of Star Citizen. They mention that the process involves continuously updating and converting existing assets to adapt to changes in metrics, graphics technology, and new features. The team also discusses the challenges of maintaining older ships that were created before certain features and metrics were established, and how they work to improve and rework those ships to meet the current standards.

One major focus of the gold standard process is ensuring that ships meet the required metrics and have the necessary functionality for gameplay, such as AI navigation and animations. The team explains that as new features come online, they have to go back to existing ships and add/update certain elements to make them compatible with the new systems. They also mention the ongoing updates in graphics technology and how they have to maintain older versions of shaders while gradually transitioning ships to the new technology. Additionally, they discuss the challenges of making damage and destruction systems consistent across ships, as well as the continuous improvement in ship design and creation.

Overall, the gold standard in ship development involves creating ships that are as complete and functional as possible within the current game features of Star Citizen. It requires constant updates, conversions, and improvements to meet changing metrics, technology, and gameplay requirements. The team also addresses the challenges of maintaining older ships and adapting them to the evolving standards in the game.

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