Arrastra for $445? iae 2023 ccu chaining guide part 1 | star citizen

In this video, the host discusses recent changes made by Star Citizen regarding warbond sales and Cross-Chassis Upgrade (CCU) chains. They provide a guide for players to acquire an Arrestra ship for a discounted price using specific CCUs and recommend waiting for future sales for potential additional savings.

In this video, the host discusses the recent changes made by Star Citizen regarding their warbond sales and CCU (Cross-Chassis Upgrade) chains. Star Citizen announced that they will be revealing different warbond upgrades each day, which include special 10-year insurance. The host advises viewers to check back daily for updates on these sales. They also mention that the current sales include the 350r, Banu Merchantman, Orion, and Polaris, but only the Polaris and Orion CCUs should be considered as the others are not as good as the ships available through other means. The LTI (Lifetime Insurance) token of the Suan is recommended for use in this guide.

The host provides a guide for CCU chains, starting with the Arrastra and ending with the Polaris. This guide allows players to acquire an Arrastra for a total cost of $445, rather than the original price of $575. They recommend purchasing specific CCUs with new cash, as well as using preventative price rise CCUs. The guide includes a breakdown of the costs and savings for each step of the chain. The host emphasizes the importance of waiting for future sales to potentially get even more savings and advises against applying the CCUs immediately.

As the discussion progresses, the host and their guest speculate about the value of the ships and the success of the event. They invite viewers to share their thoughts on the ships and the event overall. The host also asks for feedback on the usefulness of the CCU guide and whether or not viewers found CCUs to be valuable. They mention that there are more CCU guides available on their channel and other platforms.

The guest, known as Space Tomato, shares where viewers can find him on the internet and mentions that he covers Star Citizen content on YouTube and various podcast platforms. They also mention an upcoming show that they will be doing with the host and potentially other guests. In conclusion, the host reminds viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications, and expresses gratitude to their Patreon supporters.