Ares Inferno And Ion Getting A Buff?

The video focuses on the upcoming buffs for the Crusader Ares Starfighter and its variants, the Inferno and the Ion, in Star Citizen, addressing the initial imbalance issues and nerfs they faced. The content creator showcases the current state of the ships, expresses excitement over the changes being made, and hopes for improved performance with increased aim assist and reduced weapon spread.

The video discusses the upcoming buffs for the Crusader Ares Starfighter and its variants, the Inferno and the Ion. The content creator mentions how these ships initially received a lot of praise upon release due to their powerful weapons, especially the Ion which was considered the best PVP fighter at the time. However, this resulted in imbalances as the heavy fighters were meant to take on larger targets, not excel in PVP. As a result, the ships were nerfed heavily, making them almost useless in the game.

The creator expresses happiness over the recent news that Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is addressing the issues with the Ares ships. However, they believe that the incremental changes being made may not fully restore the ships’ viability. The aim assist for the Ion and Inferno weapons will be increased slightly to help players hit their targets. Additionally, the spread of the ballistic Gatling weapons on the Ares will be significantly reduced, resulting in tighter accuracy.

The creator showcases the current state of the Ares ships in a gameplay demonstration, highlighting the poor spread and slow projectile speed of the size 7 Gatling weapon. They express hope that the upcoming changes will improve the ship’s performance and encourage them to use the Ares Inferno more often. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts on the upcoming changes and encouraging them to like and subscribe for more content.

In summary, the video discusses the initial popularity and subsequent nerfs of the Ares Inferno and Ion ships in Star Citizen. The content creator is pleased to hear that CIG is addressing the issues and making changes, such as increasing aim assist and reducing the spread of the ships’ weapons. They showcase the current state of the ships in a gameplay demonstration and express hope for improved performance in the future.