Are USB Devices KILLING Your Frames?

“Are USB devices killing your framerate in Star Citizen? In this video I found a very strange bug where using a Elgato Camlink caused my FPS to drop significantly!”

In this video, the speaker discovers a strange issue with their computer’s frame rate while recording the screen. They find that unplugging a USB device, specifically a CamLink used for recording videos, dramatically increases the frame rate. When they plug it back in, there is a slight delay but the frame rate drops again. The speaker suggests that this issue could be caused by hardware conflicts or something related to the Face Over IP (FOIP) technology used in gaming. They encourage viewers to experiment with unplugging USB devices if they are experiencing similar frame rate problems.

Overall, the speaker is puzzled by the fact that a simple act of unplugging a USB device can have such a significant impact on the frame rate of their computer. They express their confusion and wonder if others have experienced similar issues. They consider making a follow-up video to further investigate and explain the strange phenomenon.