Anvil C8R Pisces Rescue Review | Star Citizen 3.19 4K Gameplay

“In this video, I review the Star Citizen medical ship, the Anvil C8R Pisces Rescue, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the Anvil C8R Pisces Rescue in 4K at 60FPS (or as close as I could get). The”

The video is a detailed review of the C8R Pisces Rescue variant in the Star Citizen game. Starting with a comprehensive tour of the ship, it emphasizes the medical area within the spacecraft, complete with a patient bed, medical assistant, and decorative medical supplies. However, the video notes that the ship is equipped with a tier 3 medical bed, which is a slight drawback compared to the best alternatives in the game.

Moving onto combat performance, the C8R Pisces has simple armaments, including laser repeaters and missiles. The video stresses that it is not a combat ship, but more of a supporting/helping vehicle. Despite the limited defenses, the ship is fast and easily maneuverable, thus losing a bit of defensive power for increased mobility.

The video then transitions into the visibility and handling of the C8R. As one of the smallest ships in the game, the C8R has good visibility with clear sightlines at the front, and above. It isn’t as nippy as other ships of its size, but the trade-off for space and utility is considered worth it. It is manageable in terms of control and speed.

The operating cost of the C8R is mentioned to be remarkably cheap, with a range of possible tasks available, including low-end combat contracts and medical beacons. However, the reviewer notes that it’s currently better to respawn at chosen medical facilities than to rely on another player for medical help. The Pisces serves for healing operations, yet it is slightly restricted because of its limited usefulness.

Finally, the video provides a conclusion based on assessment of the C8R’s capabilities and value. Despite being the cheapest option for a medical bed, the reviewer considers its price, which is more than twice that of the regular Pisces, as relatively expensive considering its healing capability. Still, for veteran players who require healing facilities and individuals who want to provide support to others, the Pisces could be useful. Its relevance may also increase as the game evolves. The review ends inviting viewer comments and opinions regarding the Pisces.