Answer the Call - Star Citizen's BIGGEST Ship Sale is Back

Mike and Crony host an episode of the “Answer the Call” podcast discussing Star Citizen’s International Aerospace Expo, the new Soen (Suin) ship, and other in-game updates such as AI improvements and the potential of the C1 Spirit as a daily vehicle. They engage with listener opinions, speculate on upcoming game patches and content, and consider the financial success of the IAE event amidst varying levels of viewer interaction.

The “Answer the Call” podcast, co-hosted by Mike and Crony. They discuss various updates related to the video game Star Citizen, primarily focusing on the in-game International Aerospace Expo (IAE) event, the podcast’s format, and specific ships introduced or updated in the game.

  1. IAE Event Discussion and Podcast Format: The podcast begins with an introduction to the IAE week, highlighting this as a significant event in Star Citizen where ships are bought and sold. The hosts explain the format of their show, comparing it to sports radio, where they discuss topics and then invite the audience to call in and share opinions. They note that it differs from typical advice shows, as their expertise is centered around spaceships in Star Citizen, not personal advice.

  2. Update 3.2.1 and AI Performance: Mike and Crony talk about the recent update 3.2.1 going live and discuss the performance of AI in the game, particularly concerning new FPS missions. They note improvements in AI behaviors, such as shooting, reacting, and flanking players, which have remained functional despite server issues typically experienced during free fly events. The hosts engage in a discussion about the performance of ground vehicle radars and how these may impact future gameplay, leading to potential usability of ground vehicles in combat situations.

  3. New Ships - The Suin and the C1 Spirit: The conversation shifts to new ships introduced to the game. They talk about the Soen (Suin), an advanced starter ship with impressive features for its price point. Its design, interiors, Quantum fuel capacity, and weapon systems are all points of interest. There’s also a discussion on the C1 Spirit, as it emerges as a potentially favored daily driver due to its practicality and balance between cargo capacity and firepower.

  4. Other Vehicle Discussions: The hosts mention other vehicles like the Storm and the AA variant of the Storm tank. They speculate on its missile capacity and performance, especially in player versus player scenarios. The conversation steers towards areas of Star Citizen Live where the development team provides updates on the game’s progress, revealing how certain features from Citizen Con may take time to be adapted for the Persistent Universe (PU).

  5. Viewer Interaction and Funding: Throughout the episode, interaction with viewers is addressed, noting that less audience participation occurred during this particular show compared to others. The hosts ponder on the likely Q1 patch content following recent developments and speculate on Star Citizen’s funding progress, particularly regarding how well this year’s IAE will perform financially compared to previous years. They conclude by touching on their personal anticipation for upcoming content, such as potential changes to existing ships and new base-building gameplay features.