Answer the Call Star Citizen 2024 Predictions

In a podcast episode of “Answer the Call,” the host and guest “Moist Noodle” discuss their predictions and hopes for Star Citizen in 2024, including new features like UI changes, control surfaces for ships, and better PvP experiences, while also expressing concerns about potential new bugs and the impact of Master Modes on combat. They reflect on past challenges within the game and express a desire for improved social interactions and achievements in the coming year.

The preceding text is a transcription of a podcast episode from “Answer the Call,” featuring the host, who is joined by guest “Moist Noodle,” a PvP-focused player and content creator in the Star Citizen community. They discuss various topics related to Star Citizen, including Noodle’s return to the game after a break, his content creation journey, and his thoughts on PvP and piracy within the game.

The conversation shifts towards the state of Star Citizen and the anticipation for the year 2024. Noodle expresses optimism for the upcoming year, citing exciting developments on the horizon, such as new UI changes, control surfaces for ships, and the potential for better PvP experiences. However, he remains cautious, acknowledging that significant updates often introduce new bugs and issues that can affect gameplay.

The hosts discuss specific features they expect to see in Star Citizen in 2024. Noodle lists new map and quantum travel interfaces, UI improvements, control surfaces, and new destruction technology as things he looks forward to. The host adds his own expectations, including quality of life improvements, the potential for server meshing, and advancements in the game’s economy and reputation systems.

They delve into the topic of Master Modes for ships, a new flight model system, and its potential impact on combat. Noodle shares concerns that Master Modes might make light fighters less enjoyable by slowing them down too much. Both hosts agree that the introduction of physical armor for ships would be a preferable solution to balance issues rather than altering ship speeds.

The discussion concludes with the hosts reflecting on the past year of Star Citizen, noting the challenges and frustrations faced by the community, such as economic imbalances and gameplay tedium. They express hope for more engaging social interactions and meaningful in-game achievements in 2024. The podcast ends with the host and Noodle planning to collaborate on streams and content, aiming to improve their skills in various aspects of Star Citizen.