Answer the Call - Should Star Citizen Be A Full Loot Game

In this video, the host discusses whether Star Citizen should be a full loot game. They talk about an exploit with item insurance that is currently in the game, which allows players to duplicate items. However, the host argues that this is not intended and should not be considered item insurance. They believe that full loot games create more interesting gameplay and a sense of risk, but they also acknowledge that not everyone may enjoy this style of play.

The host suggests that there should be a balance between convenience and risk in the game. They propose a system similar to Tarkov, where players can loot items from others, but if it is not looted within a certain time frame, the original owner can reclaim it at a cost. They also discuss the importance of player trading and the implementation of a player-driven market economy, similar to games like EVE Online.

The host also discusses the issue of cosmetic items and argues that they should be account locked, meaning they can only be used by the player who purchased them. They express frustration with the current system in Star Citizen, where cosmetic items are one-time use and cannot be transferred to other players. Overall, the host emphasizes the need for clear communication from the developers about their plans for item insurance and the overall direction of the game.