Answer the Call Podcast - Delays Continues But Cargo Sneak Peeks Are Interesting

In the latest “Answer the Call” podcast, hosts Mike and Croncy discuss the ongoing delays in Star Citizen’s PTU and issues with recent events, while finding some excitement in the new cargo gameplay previews. They also highlight updates from the developers, the success of the recent Atmo Esports AVS charity tournament, and engage with listener calls on topics like player-driven content, game economy, and in-game currency systems.

“Answer the Call” is a Star Citizen-focused podcast hosted by Mike and Croncy, where they discuss various aspects of the game and open up their Discord for live calls from listeners. They encourage viewers to subscribe and join their Discord to engage more deeply with the community. The episode kicks off with a discussion on the slow progress of the PTU (Public Test Universe) and the issues with recent events like XenoThreat and JumpTown, which have not been working as intended. Both hosts express frustration over the delays but find some solace in the interesting sneak peeks of cargo gameplay.

The hosts delve into the latest monthly report from the developers, highlighting key updates. They discuss the progress on new ships, including the Zeus Mark 2 and three unnamed ships entering the white box phase. They also touch on the development of specialist and utility armors, which are expected to add more depth to the game. The conversation shifts to the engineering section, where they talk about the upcoming charge and drain mechanics, jump drive failure events, and the importance of these updates for the future of the game.

A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to the recent Atmo Esports AVS charity tournament, which both hosts participated in. They praise the tournament’s organization, the introduction of private lobbies, and the competitive format that emphasized strategy over sheer skill. The hosts also discuss the importance of having a spectator mode and other features to enhance the esports experience in Star Citizen. They express excitement over the community’s engagement and the $25,000 raised for charity during the event.

Listener calls bring up various topics, including the need for more player-driven content and the importance of crafting and resource gathering in the game. The hosts agree that while the game has many activities, there is a lack of meaningful progression and goals. They also discuss the potential for player trade features and how these could impact the game’s economy. Another caller raises concerns about the prioritization of patch releases based on ship sales, to which the hosts respond by emphasizing the need for timely fixes and better communication from the developers.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the controversial topic of in-game currency and its real-world value. A caller suggests that players should be able to convert Alpha UEC (the in-game currency) into store credit, similar to systems in other MMOs like Eve Online. The hosts agree that the current system is problematic and needs to be addressed, especially for long-time backers who have invested significant amounts of money. They wrap up the show by encouraging listeners to subscribe, join the Discord, and stay engaged with the community as they eagerly await the next big update.