Another real Star Citizen experience..

“Again so in this video, I ask the question, what is it like to actually play Star Citizen? I spend 30 minutes simply playing star citizen and going treasure hunting doing a pretty cool casual mission. Some awesome moments, some glimpses of”

In this video, the narrator embarks on a real Star Citizen experience. They start by admiring a screenshot of the game and comment on the presence of giant cacti on the planet Daymar. They mention that they only had one hour of sleep the previous night, but are excited to play Star Citizen and share unexpected moments with viewers. The narrator then heads to a derelict outpost where they discover a crashed ship and explore the wreckage. They comment on the abundance of Reclaimers in the game and speculate on whether they should be less frequent.

The video transitions to the narrator discussing the upcoming Star Citizen version 3.20 and the anticipation of the community for its release. They humorously mention waiting to release wave one after the release of Starfield just to disrupt and annoy players. The narrator continues their journey in the game with their Origin 315p ship, praising its design and versatility. They travel a long distance to reach their destination but accidentally pass it and have to turn back.

At the derelict outpost, the narrator encounters enemies and engages in combat, showcasing their weapons and skills. They express disappointment at the lack of valuable loot at this location, as they have already collected numerous gems throughout the day. However, they do come across a medium artifact and large artifact, which they find exciting.

The video takes an unexpected turn when the narrator’s ship is destroyed by an enemy ship. They attempt to retaliate and destroy the enemy ship but are unsuccessful. Faced with limited time, the narrator decides to quickly wrap up the video. They retrieve some loot from the wreckage and store it in their ship’s storage using a tractor beam. They express frustration at their limited time and end the video, asking for feedback and promising to return in the next video.