An Architect Reviews the Scorpius - Star Citizen

“Star Citizen’s very own version of the famous X-wing has a lot going on, so lets take a closer look!”

In this video, the host reviews the Scorpius ship from Star Citizen, specifically focusing on its design. The ship takes heavy inspiration from iconic designs such as the X-wing from Star Wars, but the host argues that this is not necessarily a negative thing. They explain that in the design process, it is common to look at existing designs for inspiration, and using precedent can help designers find the right direction to go. While the Scorpius resembles the X-wing, the host believes that the ship’s unique elements, such as its landed mode and integration of components, make it distinct and not plagiaristic.

Moving on to the specifications of the Scorpius, it is classified as a heavy fighter and is designed to be operated by two people. It features impressive components, including shield generators, power plants, coolers, and a quantum drive. The ship also has a remote turret operated by a co-pilot and four size 3 weapons, as well as four size 3 hardpoints for the pilot. It comes with a good complement of size 2 missiles. The Scorpius performs well in combat against medium and light fighters, but its poor engine acceleration hinders its performance against meta ships in PvP. However, it excels in PvE, making it a strong option for high-level bounty missions with a friend.

The host concludes that the design of the Scorpius is fantastic and exciting, both to use and witness in combat. However, its current performance drawbacks in PvP due to engine acceleration may be a dealbreaker for some players. On the other hand, it shines in PvE and is considered one of the best options for high-level bounty missions. The host invites viewers to share their thoughts on whether the ship’s design and PvE capabilities outweigh its PvP limitations and whether they personally like the design.