Amazing Things You can do For FREE Right Now In SPACE GAMES

“Orbital flight, atmospheric re-entry, moon running, space mechanics and much more. All of these are activities which you can do in free space games right now, either from entirely free games or from demos. Here’s a look at each of those.”

Space video games are a great way to be transported to another universe and explore. In this video, four amazing games are discussed that are either completely free or have a full free demo available.

The first game mentioned is Moon Raiders which is a death stranding-like game, set in various moons. Players must complete tasks like delivery missions and the reactivation of monoliths as they traverse the moon. The game also features combat, puzzles, inventory management and upgrades.

The second game, Flight of Nova, features Newtonian based flight with missions set from A to B and atmospheric landings or exits from planets. Players have the option of enjoying the full game which is 24 pounds or a free demo version. The visuals are impressive for an indie title and it’s a great realism based game.

The third game discussed is Space Mechanic Simulator that is set to be released in August 2023. The prologue version is free on Steam and has players repairing spaceships, space shuttles, engines and satellites in a mix of gamification and realism.

The final game is Space Engine which is a highly detailed recreation of the Milky Way, with multiple hundreds of billions of galaxies. There is no gameplay here but its great for exploring planets, nebulae, black holes and comets. There is a free version available on Steam.

These games are great options for those looking to explore space and are available for free. For more options there are other free titles and demos available, which may be explored in future videos.