Alpha 3.19 With EVOCATI - Xenothreat Breaks EVERYTHING & All Things Missions | Star Citizen Sunday

The Star Citizen Sunday weekly show discusses the latest updates on Alpha versions of the game. Alpha 3.18.2 is now live, and Alpha 3.19 is expected to be released soon. The Mission Features team, responsible for creating missions in the game, was featured on SC Live this week, answering questions from players about missions. The team is currently limited by the features available to them, but as more mechanics and features come online, they hope to create more complex and varied missions.

Players asked the team if there would be more first-person shooter (FPS) missions that don’t just require players to kill every enemy. The team responded that they would like to see more variety for FPS missions, but currently lack the necessary features to create ground vehicle convoy assault missions. They are waiting for the AI to be able to drive ground vehicles in convoys, and also need a reason to enforce players to remain in-ground vehicles rather than using ships. The team emphasized that as more features come online, they will be able to create more complex missions.

The Mission Features team also discussed the mission givers, which are currently owned by the Narrative team. The Narrative team is currently building out narrative designers who will be able to work on the mission givers and improve them. The team also wants to expand on new mission givers. The last question addressed whether there were any plans for missions suitable for larger groups or organizations. The Mission Features team responded that they build missions for larger groups by creating more complexity and requiring more objectives, and provided an example of a new data heist mission that is better suited for larger groups coordinating together.